Distinguished Engineers. Talented Designers.

We are an accomplished team that speaks the same language of human-centered design. We mobilize our collective talents to churn out the best code in order to transform ideas into robust digital products.

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About Us

Our origin story is not an uncommon one. We met in school as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed post-graduates. Then with warp speed, we unleashed our ideas into the world. We quickly built companies, went in and out of jobs in different sectors creating technologies for global giants. Along the way, we learned and grew as professionals who, for the most part, felt good about the value we were providing the marketplace. Then, the global pandemic hit. The whole world was on lockdown for several months. Everyone slowed down. We had to slow down too.

We witnessed our favorite mom-and-pop shops, salons, cafes, barbershops, dive bars, and other local businesses were brought to their metaphorical knees while grappling with new public health regulations that nearly erased their bottom line. We witnessed many that were able to pivot and many others that failed. We watched our neighborhood's vibrancy, our downtown, and our central business district evaporate almost overnight. We witnessed this carnage and knew we had to do something. And so we did. We leveraged our collective skills to form what is Uncut Lab.

Uncut Lab is a group of software engineers, designers, data scientists, and technocrats who specialize in supporting start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and e-commerce businesses. We use our talents to help these firms remain competitive in a challenging marketplace. Our team leverages tools such as big data, SMART technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) to support our economic tapestry's critical components.

our mission

Our Mission

Harness the power of big data and AI to solve complex 21st century problems.

our vision

Our Vision

To build technology products that bring innovation to underserved markets.

core value

Our Core Values

To be relentlessly creative. To be professionally open-minded. To work hard. To strive for perfection.

Our Leadership Team

3 locations across the globe | some Ivy league-educated | 14 elite digital forces | 21 completed projects | black coffee on our table | world travelers and adventurers | late night survivors | long walkers


Sika | CEO

World traveler, avid hiker, and jill-of-most trades. Resident expert in urban planning, geographic information systems (GIS), and data analytics.


John-Paul | CCO

World traveler, ardent cook, sketcher, and illustrator. Chief Creative Officer, product designer, and senior frontend developer.


Shadrack | CTO

Movie lover, gym lover, and black coffee drinker. Chief Technical Officer, head of technology development and senior backend engineer.


Badu | AI Specialist

World traveler and black coffee maker. Mobile application developer (iOS + Android), artificial intelligence expert, and backend engineer.

Our Technology Stack

We immerse ourselves in the latest technologies to bring your product to life.

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