How are chatbots being used by small businesses?

The key to growing your small business through increased sales is to improve your consumers' experience. Consumers expect business owners to have streamlined, highly accessible communications. One way to improve your customer communication channels is through chatbots. Gone are the days when chatbots were the tool for large multinational corporations. Small businesses can now also benefit from this powerful tool.

Posted: 21 Feb, 2021

chatbot for small businesses

Chatbot technology is a self-support tool that SMEs can use to improve their consumer experience, resulting in increased sales. Chatbots aren’t new concepts. They’ve been available in different formats for decades. If you own an SME, and you wish to streamline your customer service or marketing campaigns, a chatbot is worth your attention. This blog post provides an introduction to chatbots including their benefits.

Introduction to Chatbots

What are chatbots? Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can simulate normal human conversation using mobile applications, messaging applications, phones, and websites. A number of chatbots implement a chat interface for communication. Chatbots can convey complex information via a user-friendly interface, guiding prospective customers in making informed decisions.

One of the fantastic benefits of chatbots is that you don’t need to download them, unlike applications. There’s also no need to update them. Neither do they slow down a mobile device by eating up memory. In essence, chatbots have many benefits, several of which are outlined below.

It Offers a Quick Response

It can be annoying for customers when they have to wait several business days before their issue(s) to be addressed. There are alternatives to every business so consumers will patronize only those that respond quickly to their queries.

Chatbots might just be your favorite new worker because it responds to customers’ questions instantly regardless of the time of day. At the very least, clients and prospects can receive feedback indicating when their individual issue will be resolved, particularly if the solution has not been automated into the bot.

It’s a One-Stop Shop

This technology doesn’t only imitate normal human conversations but integrate several applications in a single user interface. You only need to inquire about an issue and the chatbot will help you sort through the necessary applications to get the appropriate answer.

It’s Low-cost

A single chatbot can perform the task of several employees at a low-cost. They are an inexpensive consumer service solution for firms of any size. Although chatbots can’t entirely overtake the position of a customer service representative, they add capacity to a company’s customer service arsenal by allowing clients and prospective customers to access FAQ’s, schedule appointments with live agents, or navigate to the appropriate resources on a company's website, just to name a few functions.

It Facilitates Engagement

Another benefit of a chatbot is its ability to increase brand engagement. Consumer engagement strategies propel prospects to the bottom of your sales funnel more rapidly. For instance, a chatbot on your messenger app can start a conversation to inform your customers about your latest product or promote an offer. Chatbots also facilitate lead generation by allowing potential customers to share their personal information. This data can be culled into a CRM which can be used by a live sales representative during the sales process.

How to Use Chatbots for Your Small Business

Now that we have discussed how chatbots can help a small business, let’s discuss how this powerful technology can be leveraged.

  • Answer Customer Queries
    The most common use of a chatbot is to answer simple customer questions. You can use a chatbot to answer basic queries before consumers are redirected to the appropriate live agents. In this instance, the chatbot can also be packed with FAQs to offer adequate answers to common customer queries.
  • Frontline Consumer Resource
    In an increasingly digital world, consumers have become increasingly savvy. Many patronize businesses that adopt an accessible communications approach. Chatbots can remember the information consumers give them and apply it to help future customers. You can implement it as a frontline customer resource to tackle basic issues.
  • Facilitates Sales and Payments
    As stated earlier, you can use the information users provide to influence sales. Some bots can automate the sales process by simplifying it. Bots can securely store payment information of frequent customers to facilitate the ordering of new products or services.
  • Sway Consumer Decisions
    Chatbots can offer suggestions through a wide array of data accumulated from basic queries and past interactions. Your company is spared the time of providing answers while delivering a vibrant 24/7 sales support.

What’s Your Chatbot Strategy?

Find out what makes your consumers tick, then design your chatbot strategy. Chatbot analytics, like website analytics, can be used to understand patterns such as where/what/when of potential patrons. Start small. Use the basic chatbot and move ahead from there.

Your small business doesn’t have to grow to the size of Amazon before you start using chatbot! At Uncut, we have a team of experienced professionals that help start-ups and small and medium businesses (SMBs) function in the technological space. Get more leads and sales with our automation services. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!

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