How to Make Your Business Thrive in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic spared no one. It has forced most people to change the way they live. It has also focused businesses to change how they operate. If you're a business owner, you'll understand when we say that the pandemic has shaken your world. According to research conducted by SHRM, 62% of small businesses have experienced a remarkable decrease in their profits since the beginning of the pandemic. Thus, many companies needed to change their focus and marketing strategy to increase cash flow during these uncertain times.

Posted: 19 Oct, 2020

SMEs Covid-19

To help with operations during the pandemic, businesses have now started to collaborate with software engineers and designers to help with website and application development to boost their digital ranking.

If your business is one of those struggling to stay afloat, don't fret. We've compiled five essential marketing tips that can help your business make it through this pandemic.

1. Be there for your customers

In times of uncertainty, many find comfort in relying on people. One way to build connections during these times is by reassuring your customer that you're there for them. It is essential that they know that your business will continue to operate.

There are several methods that you can try to send out this type of message to your customers. A convenient way is by regularly posting on social media. When you post relevant content, it assures your customers that you are aware of the current crisis, and you're finding ways to help them go through this pandemic.

If you want a more personal approach, you can send out emails and newsletters with helpful content that will reassure your customers that you see them, and you're figuring out ways to make things better with what you have.

2. Start getting creative

Since many of your consumers are stuck at home, you'll need to try harder to impress and inspire them. That being said, you can't fall back and use traditional marketing methods to influence them. You'll need to start getting creative with your tactics.

Ideally, you want to produce content that is more consumer-centered and relevant to today's crisis. One thing you can do is to create offerings like care packages or DIY kits that will both be beneficial for your business and your consumers.

3. Improve your online presence

Another thing you want to focus on is your business's online presence. Because most customers are now online, you'll need to step it up the online market.

Having a strong online presence will help your brand gain credibility, recognition, and ultimately attract potential leads. Additionally, having a solid online presence makes your brand more accessible.

To do this, you'll want to work with website developers so you can create an effective website for your business. Again, keep in mind that you're making improvements to cater to your customers during the pandemic. Ensure that your website’s navigation is easy, the call-to-action is clear, and all relevant content are available on your site.

4. Strengthen relationships online

During these uncertain times, you must build and strengthen existing relationships that you have online, as well as gain new connections.

If you want to strengthen your relationships with your audience, you must put yourself in their shoes. What do they need from your business right now? How do they want to be spoken to?

By keeping conversations genuine, you'll be able to build strong and loyal connections with your customers. You can do this by being more active on social media, interacting with their posts, reacting to their comments, and always checking up on them online.


Since we're going through a pandemic together, we constantly need to find ways to improve marketing efforts to help your business stay afloat. So work with digital marketers, web developers, or any experts who can help you with your business plans and strategies. This way, you and your company will continue to flourish even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncut Lab is a group of expert software engineers, designers, and coders who specialize in mobile application and web development services. Check out our service today!

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