3 Reasons Your e-Commerce Store Needs a Mobile App

E-commerce has exploded since COVID-19 was introduced to our world. According to a July survey of 5,000 consumers in North American and Europe from Selligent, e-commerce traffic has risen by up to 28%of its pre-COVID-19 levels. This makes sense given the unparalleled convenience of browsing an entire store’s catalog online. More importantly, smartphones have become an important tool for online shoppers given that consumers now prefer online shopping over brick-and-mortar stores. Now that there are even faster shipping options, e-commerce has quickly become the retail juggernaut in today’s incredibly digital age.

Posted: 02 Oct, 2020

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If you have an online business, you probably know the basics of setting up a successful website. However, if you want to attract even more customers and boost sales, you’ll need a mobile e-Commerce app.

Here are three reasons an app benefits your business:

1. It Encourages Loyal Customers

Even though a mobile app is essentially a copy of your website, it is much more optimized for smartphone viewing. The app’s design and development offer a more convenient way for customers to browse and make purchases, which will encourage them all the more to engage with the company. Such ease of use is effective at acquiring and retaining customers, which is integral to the growth of your company.

Customers also get more freedom to browse with a mobile app since they can access it at any time and any place. Applications tend to load faster, and speed is of utmost importance in the age of instant gratification.

Mobile app development also allows you to personalize content according to your customers’ preferences. By keeping a record of their previous orders, your app can recommend products your audience will likely be interested in, which will boost your sales even more. All of these are strategic ways to build a loyal customer base.

2. It Improves Brand Recognition

Having a mobile app makes your company even more accessible, especially when using referral links or requesting feedback. Satisfied customers are more likely to share their favorite stores online and talk about their positive experience, which can do wonders for your reputation and brand recognition.

To capitalize on this, integrate popular social media channels into your application. Your customers will now have an easier way to talk about your products and share them with their friends. Since customers won’t be able to inspect the product until they receive them, reviews and recommendations are essential to the purchase process. Glowing testimonials are sure to attract new customers to your store.

A mobile app will also offer the opportunity to use push notifications, which will alert customers of special deals, discounts, and other events. Since customers have the chance to save money, they’re more likely to interact with your business.

3. It’s More Efficient

Mobile applications are more user-friendly and versatile. Although the application development process may be quite costly, it’s definitely worth the investment. Since customers have a more comfortable way to access your products, they’ll be more likely to purchase. A well-designed app that’s easy to use will bring in more clients, which will bring you more orders. You’ll enjoy boosted sales like never before!

Push notifications are a cheap way to grab your customers’ attention and remind them of your company. With these notifications, you can send them important information that will spur them to make immediate purchases.


e-Commerce has revolutionized the way people buy products. Consumers now have a world of catalogs at their fingertips, providing access to innumerable goods they otherwise wouldn’t have discovered. Offering a mobile app to your customers is a great way to expand your business and attract new customers while retaining your old ones. With all the benefits and features mobile apps have to offer, your online store can reach stratospheric success.

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