Product design is one of our core services. We excel at crafting beautiful digital products which convey value and fit the needs of our clients.

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product design

Today’s customers expect intuitive, effortless digital experiences from every platform they interact with, on every screen or device they use. So for organizations in the digital marketplace, first impressions always count. Ready to take your designs and product experiences to the next level? Talk to us today!

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Our Process

At Uncut Lab, we use design thinking, industry data, and creativity to create simple and memorable experiences for your users and customers.

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We ask the question “how can the user’s interaction with your site flow seamlessly, evoking good feelings about your brand?” We help you define your brand’s identity. We also help you determine how the product should feel in the hands of your customers.

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User Research

Instead of a Google search, we conduct a user search where our research is focused on your potential users. We create persona(s) and use cases to understand the various types of users that your product or brand would help.

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Here is where we create a customer journey with a simple scrap of paper and a pencil. Our designers can also simulate the user experience using wireframe applications like Balsamiq or Mockflow. Whatever the means, be rest assured that the end product will convey your individual flare and brand.

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After throwing ideas around on scrap paper, we brainstorm with your team from ideation to wireframe level. Our designers go a step further by putting design to ideas, visuals to vision by using tools like Sketch or Adobe XD.

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UI focuses on the aesthetics of a product while UX focuses on feel, usability, and usefulness. This translates to the choices made for elements like typography, iconography, and color scheme. We work tirelessly to create a detailed visual brand that includes buttons, forms, and label placements. Our design team will make sure that nothing will appear on your digital product without testing for maximum impact.

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Our design process is our secret weapon where every box is ticked by the time we get to deployment. Once we introduce you to our design process and bring you up to speed on it, then iterations and execution of your web design become seamless.

Tools we use

We immerse ourselves into latest innovation tools to bring your product to life.

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Other Services

We create world-class digital products that deliver measurable impact.

mobile development

Mobile Development

Our developers work with clients to turn their ideas into a customized native mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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web development

Web Development

Our agile development team will take you through a full product development cycle and turn your ideas into spectacular websites or web applications.

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code audit

Code Audit

Our code auditing services are designed to help our clients debug codes, improve the technological efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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