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For Start-Ups

Have no CTO or development team? No problem! We are here to help.

Uncut Lab’s team of designers and engineers has over two decades of experience working on start-ups in Chile, Ghana, Kenya, and the United States. We speak the same technical language. Our team has deep expertise in environmental, mobility, and urban development tech spaces. We understand the constraints start-ups work in because we have been there. We help start-up teams build solutions for the web, mobile devices, or a SMART device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Our services include:

Infrastructure Set-up

Cloud infrastructure set-up

Our team of designers and engineers help your start-up compile functions and features that ensure you deliver a streamlined application.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

The team at Uncut Lab will help your start-up develop the components that support all of the features, services, and functionality offered by your application. Our engineers will work with your start-up to set up all of the computational and operational infrastructure and components necessary to manage the development, deployment, and management of your app.

Product Development

Product Development

Our designers and engineers work with your start-up to take your concept or idea through market release and beyond. Our services include helping start-ups conceptualize the product, building the product roadmap, developing a minimum viable product (MVP), releasing the MVP to users, and ongoing iteration based on user feedback and strategic goals.

App Maintenance

App Maintenance

We get it. The competition is fierce. To become a unicorn, you need to continue to differentiate your start-up in the marketplace. We help start-ups at all stages. Our team helps enhance an existing app through the addition of features. We can also fix any bugs that show up. Check out our code auditing services, web and mobile app development services to find out more.

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Our Technology Stack

We immerse ourselves in the latest technologies to bring your idea or project to life.

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