We design and engineer powerful software to solve complex problems! We are your partners in creating robust and exciting mobile and web products.

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Bit City Collective

The Bit City Collective is Uncut Lab’s initiative focused on leveraging cloud computing solutions to solve complex problems in cities of the global South. Through this initiative...

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Our Services

We create world-class digital products.

mobile development

Mobile Development

Our developers work with clients to turn their ideas into a customized native mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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web development

Web Development

Our agile development team will take you through a full product development cycle and turn your ideas into spectacular websites or web applications.

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product design

Product Design

Product design is one of our core services. We excel at crafting beautiful digital products, which convey value and fit the needs of our clients.

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code audit

Code Audit

Our code auditing services are designed to help our clients debug code, improve the technological efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Who We Serve

We serve founders. Who is a founder? Anyone who has started a company.



Our team provides comprehensive support to start-ups in the urban, environmental, and climate change technological spaces. We have a full suite of tools and services dedicated to helping start-ups create groundbreaking cloud solutions. Our start-up services include cloud architecture design, infrastructure set-up, infrastructure management, product development, and app maintenance. Learn more about the comprehensive services we provide to start-ups here.

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Small and medium businesses

We work with SMBs that provide essential goods and services. From Main Street shops to retail service providers such as plumbers, tree cutters, lawyers, health practitioners, and more --we help businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their business processes, customer experience, efficiency, and bottom line. Learn more about the comprehensive services we provide to SMBs here.

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product design

E-commerce businesses

In the post-covid-19 world, e-commerce has become essential to keeping our economy afloat. We specialize in helping e-commerce business owners who can no longer rely on pre-packaged third-party solutions to serve their market. Our team helps these founders automate critical processes, improve the customer experience, and ensure efficiency to stand out in a very crowded online marketplace. Learn more about the comprehensive services we provide to     e-commerce businesses here.

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Our Stats

We have over 35 years of combined experience. Check out our company statistics below.


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Our Approach

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We believe that technology in its most basic form facilitates change, and at its best improves lives.
We strive for technological excellence with the digital products we develop.

Creatively Led

We care about the quality and integrity of our work above all else. We work in an integrated development environment to produce great technology solutions.

Systems Thinkers

From product innovation to performance marketing, we believe our work needs to connect every element at every phase of the customer journey.

Humanity Obsessed

We strive to create work that adds value to people's lives. We believe our industry needs to be transformed to create things people actually want and welcome.

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Our Work

The quality of our work speaks for itself. You don't have to take our word for it, check out our projects below.



Patient management system for connecting doctors and...



Consolidated travel itinerary management...


Gold Field Ghana HSE

For employees to report all safety-related issues...



Track real time promotions from businesses...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some questions you may have on your mind.

To ensure efficiency and seamless integration of all parts of a project, we encourage clients to purchase design and software development services from the same source. That said, our designers and developers work together to provide the most efficient output if you choose us as your design/build team. Although we love to be involved in all steps along the way, we also provide design-only or a development-only work for projects where we can add value. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

Every single project is unique. The project price depends on several factors. This includes the scope, timeline, and the team setup of the project. Each client’s needs are dynamic. Often, priorities, features, scope and deliverables change during the development process. Since each client is given a dedicated team, our pricing is based on the time and expertise of the chosen team. In essence, a client simply pays for the hours/days the team spends working on his/her project. The majority of our engagements are fixed-price/days contracts. For more information, read about our pricing model or contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.

Our project managers work with prospective clients to collect the project requirements. These requirements are then reviewed by the technical staff before an introductory call is scheduled. During the call, technical staff (a designer, an engineer, or a combination of both), will ask questions regarding project goals, target audience, budget, and timeline. After an introductory call, the project is reviewed by our in-house team of experts (e.g. developers, designers, data scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, etc.). Finally, the prospective client will receive a detailed proposal with a description of our approach, project phases, team composition, and timeline. Interested in more forward? Tell us a little about your project.

Yes. Our Code Auditing services can rectify any issues a client might have with an application's security. We audit the code for bugs and loopholes that make a product vulnerable to attacks. Check our Code Auditing service or schedule time to talk to a member of our team.

Yes. Our Web Development service helps customers create user and mobile friendly applications that ensure ease of use for potential users. Learn more about our Web Development service.

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